Lucy KH Kalian


Lucy Kalian, artist and unintentional activist, grew up reveling in the woodlands and beaches of the Garden State. Unapologetically representational in her art, Kalian has won several awards nationally for her work in both landscape and still life subjects.

“As a young girl, I would wake early and go into the wooded valley between our home and a local farm. I had a favorite, fallen tree where I stashed pencils and paper. I spent hours wandering, drawing pictures and writing. Not much has changed. My days begin earlier and I now share my musings.”

In 2014, a friend asked her to get involved with the fight to clean up local waterways. Since then, Lucy has used her talent and vision as an artist to highlight the importance of preserving our natural environment. She has become a “an unintentional activist.”

Artist Statement:

“Creating a work of art is an exploration of myself in relation to the natural world. It may begin as a passing thought or observation that encourages deeper investigation. It may be an unraveling of an internal or peripheral knot. Always, a story unfolds. The product is a visual method of recording the journey. Why create? I do not know why I create art; I only know that I always have. There is a yearning for things unknown and intangible and also a great exuberance within that comes from experiences; it must be released. I cannot recall a time in my life that I was not making things. Living life is to create – the two are inseparable.”