Patricia Fabian


Patricia Fabian was born in Jersey City and raised in the inner city. This was the time of Woodstock, the Civil Rights Movement, and JFK. She grew up wanting to be a writer and kept diaries, journals and wrote poetry and short stories. Fabian remembers that I would love to sit at the kitchen table and do collage mosaics. She would tear construction paper into tiny pieces and make mosaic scenes of the shore, sailboats and the horizon line. Fabian liked laying color on color and the feel of the paper.

Six years ago, Fabian moved to NJ and discovered Hunterdon County, Bucks County and reconnected to the Shore. Her husband bought a motorcycle and we go out every weekend and she experienced the horizon line like never before. The sky is majestic, the horizon line so clear now and the senses of the flowers brought me to a new relationship with nature. Fabian has done several series of these afternoon rides. Now she works almost exclusively in oil; loving the feel of the paint and the way she can texture sections of the work with a palette knife and leave others smooth and almost untouched. Fabian loves the contrast and finds direction in the horizon line, which is where all her paintings begin and end. She uses the paint now like the mosaic of her childhood on her kitchen table in Jersey City.

Fabian’s artwork has been on exhibition throughout North America and her works are in several private foundations, corporations and public organizations including The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, the United States Tennis Association and Intersal (Philip Masters company that founded Black Beards Shipwreck.)