Start With The Art
Wynn Gay First Show of the New Year
January 28th from 6-8pm
Luba Caruso March 25th from 6-8pm
This is Caruso's first show at Beauregard. Caruso hails from New Jersey and is one of the many talented artists to live in this state.
Beauregard At Home
Contact our team to help you finish or start a design project bu adding art or photos to your walls.
Gallery Walls
Do you have numerous framed photos or works of art sitting in a closet or basement, contact us and we will help you create your own gallery wall.
"Reflections II" Saturday June 17th from 6-8pm
Come and meet Penelope Deyhle El-Dalati as she talks about her muse , the goldfish, and how it has lead to some iconic paintings beloved by both a local and national audience.

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